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    Mike Singletary Makes Emotional 49ers Coaching Debut

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    The San Francisco 49ers had a loud awakening following the team’s 34-13 humiliating loss to the Seattle Seahawks on their own home turf. Before all of the players had even made it through the tunnel into the locker room, Mike Singletary let his players have it loud and clear. What got Big Mike so hot? – poor execution on both sides of the ball, an atrocious interception by Quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan that the Seahawks returned for a touchdown, and a porous defense that allowed Seahawks’ fullback Leonard Weaver to be “King for a Day” by taking two short receptions 43 yards and 62 yards, respectively, for touchdowns in the 2nd half to add insult to injury. The disastrous day concluded when Singletary sent Tight End Vernon Davis to the locker room late in the 3rd quarter. Singletary felt like Davis was putting his own interests ahead of the team when he committed a personal foul penalty after he was shoved out of bounds and insulted by a Seahawks’ player. When Davis wouldn’t listen to Singletary telling him that the team couldn’t afford sloppy mistakes like that, Singletary had had enough, and he decided to send the $3 million, 2006 1st round pick player to the locker room to think about his actions.

    To sum it up, in Singletary’s first ever post-game press conference, Singletary emphasized that he only wanted to play with individuals who wanted to win as a team. If a player didn’t have that commitment to the team, Singletary didn’t want that player to suit up for him.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. The 49ers are a bad football team. At 2-6, the 49ers stand little chance of being able to right the ship in time to make the playoffs. 49ers management felt like former Head Coach Mike Nolan had lost the team and many players echoed those sentiments after Singletary’s tirade. According to many reports, Nolan let the “inmates run the asylum” and a lot of players were sick of it. Singletary made it clear in his head coaching debut that those kinds of actions would not be tolerated under his regime. With today’s egocentric, “Show me the Money” players, this type of coaching style doesn’t always work. There are a few current coaching examples which demonstrate that it can work – Tom Coughlin with the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants (although he had trouble implementing his harsh style at the start), Bill Belichik with the 3-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, and a few years out – Bill Cowher with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bill Parcells with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys – but these are the exceptions to the rule. I applaud Singletary for his honesty and his drive. He is only trying to instill the old-school attitude and respect for the game that made him an NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker for the Chicago Bears in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Because he’s been there and devoted his entire career to professional football and the NFL, he should have a lot of supporters in the locker room. But those aren’t the players he’ll need to get – if he can win over the leaders on the team and a few of the “trouble-makers” along the way, I see good things from the 49ers behind a proven leader. If not, it could be a long rest of the season for the 49ers and a short off-season for Head Coach Singletary.

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