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    Brady Quinn Done For Season

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    Brady Quinn is done for the year. Quinn broke the tip of his right index finger and suffered tendon damage to the finger in the 2nd start of his career on November 17th at Buffalo, a game in which the Browns emerged victorious. He received several medical opinions regarding the index finger and decided to go ahead and start his next game against the Houston Texans. That turned out to be a bad decision.

    The Browns ended up losing to the Texans. Quinn completed only 8 of 18 passes for 94 yards. He did not throw any touchdown passes, but threw 2 interceptions and was ultimately replaced by Derek Anderson, the Browns former starting quarterback. Following the game, the Browns announced that Quinn did more damage to the injured index finger by playing, and that he would not play the rest of the season. It is still unclear as to whether or not Quinn will undergo surgery to repair the index finger.

    It is a frustrating time for Quinn and the Browns. He waited a year and a half to make his 1st NFL start, and he played well in his first 2 starts, going 1-1. Being done after the 3 starts, after waiting so long to make 1 start is not easy for Quinn or Browns’ fans. Cleveland will have to wait another season to have Quinn start for a full year and hopefully make a run at that elusive post-season appearance.

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