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    Dodgers are not going to wait

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    manny1It doesn’t look like the Dodgers are going to sit around and wait for Manny Ramirez to make up his mind if he wants to keep playing for them. Sources say the team has contacted Adam Dunn to express interest in the power hitter. Dunn who has had 40 home runs a year for the last four years would be a good addition for the team since no Dodger has had a 40 home run season since 2004.

    The Dodgers are not the only team looking at Dunn, it has been reported that the Cubs have been on the top of Dunns list of teams he wants to play for. That is until the Dodgers got into the mix. This could be bad for the Cubs since the team that has been swept two years in a row in the first round of the post season has not made any real good deals yet. With the Cubs raising season ticket prices when most teams are not fans are going to be looking for them to do more this year. Dunn will most likely require a no draft-pick compensation because Arizona former team did not offer him arbitration.

    No one really knows why Manny has not been signed yet, expect for Manny. If I had to guess, the only reason one of the best hitters in baseball does not have a deal yet is all because of Manny. There must be something keeping teams from flocking to him to hand him a lot of cash. Could be all that stuff that went on in Boston before he was traded to the Dodgers? As a MLB team would you take a $100 million shot on him?

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