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    John Daly is not happy

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    US OPENI don’t know if John Daly had a few bad bets this week or if it was the fact that he finshied 6-over 78 at the Australian open. One fan found out the hard way that he was not in the mood to be messed with. Dalyed grabbed a guys camera and smashed after getting to close and taking to many pictures. Daly said after the round “I was looking to take a drop and a camera was 6 inches away from my face,” Daly said in a statement after the round. “If I was 10 under, I would have felt the same,” Daly said. “My eyes are still burning from the flash of the camera … Daly has a rough history with Australia, back in 2002 launched a ball and his putter into a lake after he finished seven-over in the final round at the Australian PGA. Daly was ordered to apologize to fans and was fined $5,600 for the out burst. I guess if you look at what is going on in most pro sports this is not a big deal, its not like he shot himself in the leg or got busted with drugs.

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