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    MLB Rumors

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    mark_teixeriaRed Sox want to sign Teixeira, rumors are buzzing that the Red Sox have sent an offer to the agent of Mark Teixeira. The offer is believed to be the longest and richest in the last seven years. There is also talk that he has been meeting with the NATS, and both teams are not talking.

    jake_peavyWith no deal from the Braves or the Cubs it looks like Jake Peavy may not get a new home this year. When asked Monday Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said, “It’s likely Jake will be with us on Opening Day.” Looks like the Cubs dropped the ball once again, but hey they just signed Joey Gathright? Gathright had a big year in 2008 with no HR and batting .254.

    cc_sabathiaLooks like the Yankees don’t have time to deal with any more trades since the announcement of the CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett deal.  The Yanks also had more in the works with Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera and Kei Igawa now at a stand still and no word if this deal will continue with the Brewers.  One major point is the Yankees don’t want to pay any of the $12 million remaining on Igawa’s contract.

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