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    Vick Doesn’t Let Impending Jail Stint Alter Spending Habits

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    Before going to jail for his involvement as the leader of an illegal dog fighting ring, Michael Vick enjoyed himself with several shopping sprees in the months leading up to his incarceration.

    As it turns out, it looks like Vick spent millions right up until November 19, 2007, the day he entered jail. And now it looks like Vick might be seeking bankruptcy protection from creditors. Talk about a big turn of events.

    Not only has Vick had to spend the last 13 months in jail, with 11 months still left to be served. But now it looks like he won’t even have any of the $18.2 million he earned as an NFL quarterback during his short career. Talk about pathetic.

    And the way NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell treats NFL players that have been involved in illegal off-the-field activities, who knows if the NFL will welcome Vick back with open arms after he completes his “debt” to society for his vile actions. And if he is allowed back in the NFL, will any teams really be willing to fork over the dough to an individual with Vick’s character issues? Will any teams be willing to open their city and fan base to the constant taunts and protests that will surely follow Vick wherever he lands? Vick is set to be released towards the end of 2009 – it should be interesting to see if Vick lands on his feet for the 2010 NFL season!?

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