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    The NFL’s Conference Championship Games are this Sunday. Are you ready to find out who is going to make it to the big game on February 1st? Here are the match-ups:

    NFC – Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, January 18th at 3:00 PM EST

    AFC – Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, January 18th at 6:30 PM EST

    I’m going with the all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. The Phillies just won the World Series in October 2008, so why not another team from Philly (or Pittsburgh – aren’t all Pennsylvania cities the same anyway?) winning the Super Bowl in February 2009?

    Check out the ESPN crew’s picks here. Everyone likes the Steelers at home, but the group is divided in the NFC.

    The Steelers won both contests against the Ravens during the regular season. Although both games were close, I’m looking for the Steelers Willie Parker to run wild on a tired Ravens defense and numerous mistakes from the Raven’s rookie QB Joe Flacco who will end up losing the game for Baltimore.

    Philadelphia’s defense is just playing too well right now. While Arizona has played well at home and found a resurgent running game with Edgerrin James, I don’t think they have what it takes to put up enough points to win the game. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and RB Bryan Westbrook each emerged from the Giants Divisional Playoff victory with no significant injuries, and that means the 2 will be ready to go off in Phoenix. Look for a 31-17 victory for the Eagles and a 2nd shot at the NFL title for McNabb.

    Good luck – stay warm – and enjoy some exciting NFL action this weekend!

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  • Jan

    manchesterunitedairbusIn 2008 we have 24 teams worth a billion dollars and in 2003 we did not have one. Some might be surprised that the most valuable team is not an US team, it is the Manchester United. Some of the billion dollar club according to Forbes is The New York Yankees, Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys who are valued at $1.6 billion but this still puts them only at #2 behind the Manchester United. With new billion dollar stadiums and big time television contracts the value of teams has sky rocketed the same way the home values did before the market crash. This also brings up a good question, is this also a bubble good all of these teams be over valued. With the Chicago Cubs on the verge of a sale that is rumored to be over a billion, are these buyers paying to much? Will these teams be able to keep up revenue as the economy gets worse?

    Top ten most valuable teams:

    1. Manchester United
    2. Dallas Cowboys
    3. Washington Redskins
    4. New England Patriots
    5. NY Yankees
    6. Real Madrid
    7. Arsenal
    8. NY Giants
    9. NY Jets
    10. Houston Texans
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