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    Celtics to get Marbury?

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    marburyHe hasn’t played in a NBA game in almost a year and he could be the biggest pain in the NBA, but rumor is the Celtics are looking into ways to get Stephon Marbury out of his Knicks contract. This could be easier said then done since all of this depends on Marbury’s ability to negotiate his release from the Kincks. If you have been following Marbury the last few years you will know he is not the smartest NBA player. The Boston Celtics are his first choice if he could become a free agent source close to the team are saying. No one from the Celtics is commenting on the story. It is believed that the team is very concerned after losing Posey and Brown from last years winning team.  There have also been rumors Kevin Garnett would not allow the reunion since Marbuty forced a trade to NJ after only three seasons together.  Even with this ESPN is reporting that a source in the Celtics said that this season “it will happen”.

    Marbury did say at the Knicks-Lakers game that “the team I’m going go to, a lot of people will be shocked.” So if he does go to the Celtics this would be true. Marbury was banned from all contact with the Knicks on Nov. 21 after head coach Mike D’Antoni offered him a chance to start playing following two big trades the Knicks made.  Marbury declined of course.

    As of today Marbury has refused to give up the $1 million of his $20.8 million salary and now is not willing to give back any of it. The Knicks want him to give up $3 million for the right to choose his next team.  Marbury might be taking  a big gamble with the way he is handling things with the Knicks. If the Celtics back out or the deal falls apart it is going to be hard for Marbury to find a team willing to put up with his antics. It could cost him more then the $3 million he is keeping right now. I’m sure with the lack or morals in pro sports he will be fine. Teams are willing spend big money on players no matter how bad or dumb they act.

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