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    Marbury could be making things up

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    Knicks Pistons BasketballWe have now been hearing that Stephon Marbury could go to the Celtics and that they want to sign him bad. He even came out this week and said the rumor are true. Now sources from the Boston Hearld are claiming other wise. The paper is saying that the Celtics are quoted as saying ” absolutely no verbal commitment” has been made with Marbury. Now there is also talk the Miami Heat have him in there sights. Marbury is in his last year of a $21 million contract and is getting paid to hang out. He is not allowed near the Kincks or at any games. Marbury was also approached by the Greek team Olympiacos as they are looking for an replacement for the injured Josh Childress. It doesn’t look like that deal is going to pan out at this time. The Knicks and Marbury still need to work out a deal to release him from his contract.

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