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    MLB Rumor Time

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    The Dodgers and Giants are still at the top of Manny Ramirez list but there is now talk that the Rangers may want to talk to him. The Rangers still have a lot of interest in Ben Sheets and might bring back Eric Gagne. The very busy team has also had inquiries on Vicente Padilla and Michael Young.

    Mets are rumored to still want Derek Lowe but Lowe’s manager said no offer has been made. Rumor is the Mets offered $36 million but Lowe did not take it serious. It is reported that a long list of teams are looking at him, including the Red Sox.

    Talking about the Red Sox there is talk that Jason Varitek is looking for a four-year $40 million deal, but it is very unlikely he will get this amount. Rumor has it the Red Sox are thinking more of a two year deal.

    On a side note there are still over 150 free agents not signed yet so Jan could be a very busy month for MLB news.

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