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    Packers fire six

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    D055000013.jpgThe Green Bay Packers did not end the season the way they wanted to so the team started to clean house today. Defensive coordinator Bob Sanders and most of his staff got the ax today. Since most of the blame for the bad season was going towards the teams defense. “These are difficult decisions,” coach McCarthy said. “I hold each of these men in high regard on a personal level, and I want to thank them for their service to the Green Bay Packers.”

    Winston Moss the linebackers coach is the only defensive coach to keep his job and is the most likely person to take Sanders job. Moss could also get a job offer form the St. Louis Rams for the new vacant head coach spot. The Packers had a dismal 6-10 season just one year after Brett Farve moved on to the Jets. In 2007 the Packers gave up 291 points and in 2008 gave up a huge 380. They gave up 135 points in the fourth quarter of 08 which was the second worst. If they don’t offer the spot to Moss there is still a long list of people looking for a job. San Francisco coach Mike Nolan is one name being talked about if they do go outside the team.

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