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    Red Sox making more deals

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    john_smoltzRumors out today that the Red Sox are in talks with John Smoltz for a $5.5 million deal with $5 million in incentives. Smoltz, 41, has pitched 708 games for the Braves and was out last season after shoulder surgery. There have been people close to Smoltz saying he is making an amazing recovery.  This year the Braves have lost out trying to sign Jake Peavy and AJ Burnett, losing Smoltz could be a big hit to the team. For the Red Sox this could be a big move singing Smoltz would give them six great starters and Smoltz could help out if they run into injuries or pitchers need rest. This also gives the Red Sox the option to trade one of there super star pitchers if needed. Braves better get moving to land some players or this year is going to a rough season for Atlanta.

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