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    Red Sox sign Bard to one year deal

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    josh_bardIts not the first time Josh Bard has played for the Red Sox back in 2006 he played seven games and struggled. Now the Red Sox are giving him a second chance with a one year non-guaranteed contract with an team option for 2010. After 2006 he was traded to San Diego with Cla Meredith to pick up catcher Doug Mirabelli. With Jason Varitek being 46 and a free agent the Sox need to start looking at there catchers.  Brad 30 batted .202 with one homer and 16 RBIs in 178 at bats for the Padres in 2008 and had a sprained ankle which put him on the DL for some time. His career average is .265 with 28 HR and 168 RBIs in 431 games.

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