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    Bonds pleads not guilty

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    barrybondsappearsincourtThe home run king Barry Bonds was in court today and pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied to a grand jury that was investigating steroids in sports. This was Bonds third time pleading for this case. His original indictment was in Nov 2007, but the government revised the charges two times to fix legal technicalities. The home run slugger is now looking at 10 counts of making false statements to a grand jury with a little obstruction of justice charge. If convicted, he faces a sentence between probation and two years.

    The Judge unsealed hundreds of pages of documents Wednesday that are the core of the governments case. Bonds’ legal team has asked to exclude from trail the drug test results they say are inconclusive. The results that the government seized during a raid of Bay Area Laboratory, know as Balco, in Sep 2003. Prosecutors claim the results show Bonds tested positive in 2000 and 2001. Bonds attorney are also asking to have the conversations between Bonds’ former trainer Greg Anderson and his former assistant Steve Hskins excluded from the trial. Anderson has said he will refuse to testify at trail.

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