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    New York Knicks and Stephon Marbury Finally Part Ways


    Good news Knicks fans – – you won’t have to see this image anymore at the Garden during Knicks games.  The New York Knicks and disgruntled guard Stephon Marbury finally agreed to part ways this week.  The 2 sides agreed upon a buyout of his contract which was set to expire following the 2009-2010 NBA season.  He was set to make $20.8 during the 2009-2010 NBA season.

    Marbury’s last official games was January 11, 2008.  Marbury took a leave of absence from the team in December 2007 following the death of his father.  He returned for a short time thereafter, but had season-ending ankle surgery after that January 11, 2008 contest.  Marbury reported to training camp and was present on the Knicks bench during the early part of the season, but refused to play for the Knicks.  He did not log any minutes during the current season, and Knicks President Donnie Walsh finally ordered Marbury to stay away from the team in early December.

    It brings a sad end to an awful display of sportsmanship by the troubled Marbury.  The Brooklyn-born Marbury could have made his stay in New York City a memorable.  Instead, because of feuds with coaches and his refusal to practice or play in games, Marbury leaves the Knicks a bitter man and an NBA pariah.  There are rumors that the Celtics are set to pounce on Marbury once he clears waivers, but if I was the Celtics (or any other NBA team for that matter), I would run away as fast I could.


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