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    Washington Redskins Sign $100 Million Man Albert Haynesworth


    WOW – – show Albert the money!

    The Washington Redskins – playing in the toughest division in the NFL with the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles – signed the biggest name in free agency to a lucrative 7-year, $100 million deal.  Albert Haynesworth, an All-Pro Defensive Tackle who played for the Tennessee Titans for the first 7 years of his pro career, signed the long-term deal with the Redskins which included an NFL-record $41 million fully guaranteed signing bonus.  Although Haynesworth only has 24 career sacks, 14.5 of those have come in the last 2 NLF seasons, with a career high 8.5 sacks in 2008.  During the 2008 NFL season, Haynesworth also had 75 tackles, 22 quarterback pressures, four forced fumbles and 7 tackles for losses.  The 27-year old lineman is 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds, so he has had his share of injury problems in his career – he hasn’t played in all 16 games in a season since his rookie 2002 season.  Haynewsworth has also been known to take a play off here or there, but those concerns were not enough to prevent Redskins Owner Dan Snyder from loosening those purse strings to land the big man in the middle.

    Snyder didn’t stop there.  He also re-signed free agent cornerback DeAngelo Hall to a 6-year, $54 deal.  The Redskins acquired Hall after the Oakland Raiders released him during the course of the 2008 NFL season and he had 25 tackles and 2 interceptions in the Redskins’ final 7 games.  Hall passed Carlos Rogers on the depth chart and even started the last 4 games of the season.  Hall’s deal includes a $22.5 guaranteed signing bonus – this after the 25-year old earned a whopping $24 million signing bonus from the Raiders in the off-season preceding the 2008 NFL season.

    The Redskins’ moves will send shivers down the spines of NFC East opponents.  Now the likes of Eli Manning, Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb will have to deal with the Haynesworth Affect in the middle of the defensive line twice each year.  You better believe that those 3 teams are already watching film and coming up with counter-measures to try to offset the havoc Haynesworth tends to create for other team’s offensive units.


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