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    The Alex Rodriguez saga continues.  A-Rod met with Major League Baseball executives on Sunday to discuss his use of steroids from 2001 through 2003 while a member of the Texas Rangers.  A-Rod said that he was glad that the meeting was behind him, and now he can simply focus on spring training and getting ready for the upcoming 2009 MLB season.

    A-Rod also joined the Dominican Republic team on Monday in preparation for the 2009 World Baseball Classic.  The Dominican Republic team is stocked with major league talent – Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Miguel Tejada, Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes.

    As for the meeting with MLB brass, the commissioner’s office released a statement saying that A-Rod was cooperative.  A-Rod attended the meeting with his 2 lawyers.  Union general counsel Michael Weiner was also present.  Dan Mullin (executive vice president of MLB investigations), Rob Manfred (executive vice president for MLB labor relations) and Dan Halem (general counsel for labor) were present on behalf of MLB.   From all accounts, the meeting went well.

    A-Rod had this to say on his attempt to un-tarnish his public image – “I’ve put myself behind the eight ball, that’s for sure.  I’ve made mistakes.  I feel bad about them.  But I’m also looking forward to doing good things – not only playing good baseball, but perhaps being a messenger of the right message for kids in the future to not make the same mistake I made.”

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