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    Mariano Rivera is back and ready to pitch in his 1st Grapefruit League action this spring.  As of now, it looks like that 1st appearance will come this Tuesday.  We’ll keep you posted how Rivera is feeling after his 40-pitch batting practice session this morning.  Assuming Rivera is pain-free, he will suit up for live action on Tuesday.

    In batting practice, Rivera was crisp and found the strike zone often.  Rivera knows he has a lot of work to do in order to refine the delivery and get ready for stressful game situations, but everything seems to be on track for making a full recovery for the 2009 MLB season.  “Everything just needs time.  The cutter is good, but you have to be better.  That will come with time – just pitching.  But everything feels great.”

    Rivera is coming off of off-season surgery to repair his right shoulder.  We’ll keep you posted with any further updates to the Mariano Rivera spring pitching schedule.


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