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    Cubs don’t have much to tell you

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    We spend most of our days looking at many different web sites for pro sports teams. The one thing I have noticed over the last few months is just how sad the Chicago Cubs web site is. The news or breaking news they post is just pathetic, with things like “Bradley out with flu; Miles nears return” and “Piniella knows there’s work to be done”. After seeing months of this I just have to say, what the hell? I guess this could be a preview of what is to come this season. A team that has been swept the last 2 years in the post season and has not been in a World Series in over 100 years, has nothing to talk about? I guess this also could be because they did nothing in the office season, expect for getting Milton Bradley that is.  This is a team that has record breaking ticket sales each and every year and what have they done. I guess there is only one person you can blame for this, the fans. Hey Cubs fans stop spending money and making the team rich and they will get you a winning team. I’m sure I will have a lot of Cubs fans upset for this, but what else is new they are always pissed about something. If you are looking for a funny read check out the Cubs home page.

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