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    Johan Santana Dealing With Elbow Issues


    The New York Mets are dealing with left elbow troubles with the ace of their pitching staff – Johan Santana.  Santana returned to New York for a precautionary MRI to get to the bottom of the tightness in his left (throwing) elbow.  Santana says he feels fine, but doctors say that he has an irritated left biceps tendon that is causing the discomfort in his left elbow.  Santana has continued to throw and claims that he feels better the more he throws.  Pitching coach Dan Warthen concurs – pointing out that Santana is not favoring any parts of his body in his throwing motion and that he may just have pushed himself too hard, too soon.  The Mets signed Santana (29 years old) to a 6-year, $137.5 million contract in February 2008, so they are going to be cautious with their prize possession.  Stay tuned for more details here at MySportsToday!


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