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    Mets Ace Johan Santana Throws 56-pitch Gem Against Minor Leaguers


    Woo hoo!!!!!

    Despite giving up 2 runs on 6 hits against minor league players, Johan Santana emerged from his 56-pitch effort “pleased” with the results.  Santana had this to say:  “Game situations.  You want as many different game situations as possible to be ready.  You want to face all kinds of hitters in all kinds of situations.  I did that today.  It’s good when you have baserunners.”

    Really?  What are we talking about here?  Santana is glad that he allowed 6 minor league players to reach base in 4 innings of work so that he could pitch from the stretch more often?  This is unbelievable.

    Now I know that he threw 40 of 56 pitches for strikes; and I know that he had 5 strikeouts.  But at this stage of the spring, I want to read about Santana retiring 14 of 15 minor league batters faced in a 5 inning effort.  This leaves a lot to be desired for me and let’s hope the Mets get their act together before the season starts.  The best thing that they have going for them is that Cole Hamels could miss some regular season action because of left elbow issues.  Hip Hip Hooray…


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