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    Chicago Bears Acquire Quarterback Jay Cutler From Denver Broncos



    Bears fans never thought GM Jerry Angelo would ever be able to pull off the trade for the Denver Broncos’ disgruntled Quarterback Jay Cutler.  Well guess what Bears doubters, Angelo did it late this afternoon.  The Bears gave up a hefty price – their own Quarterback Jyle Orton, plus the 18th pick and the Bears 3rd round pick in the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft and the Bears 1st round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.  But to get the proven franchise quarterback the Bears have always sought, it should be well worth the cost.

    Word is that the Bears also signed offensive tackle Orlando Pace to help improve the weak Bears offensive line play.  Pace is on the older side, but should be an upgrade to the Bears unit assuming he is healthy.

    Read more Cutler trade news here and we’ll keep you posted with the latest details as they become available…



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