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    Final Four the big ticket of 2009

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    09finalfourWith the championship game just hours away tickets for this NCAA brawl are still hot. If you are just looking to get into the game its going to cost you about $325 and good seats are still at $400 to $1,500. This comes as some what of a surprise since the Super Bowl back in February was not that hot of an event.  With the economy going down and people losing jobs many brokers did not think it would turn out to be that big of event. A lot of fans like to hold off until the last minute to get the best deal, but sometimes this gamble can come back to bit you.  We talked to Joe from and he told us that they have received many calls and emails from people in Detroit looking for cheap tickets. He said, “It looks like there is going to be a lot of people in Detroit not going to the game.” Waiting is a gamble and its unfortunate that people miss out but its a market and it goes up and down with the demand for the event.

    Also, what many people don’t realize is that when you wait and try to get tickets right before the event or on the street you could end up with fake tickets. If you don’t use a legitimate source for your tickets it could cost you the money you spent on the tickets and you won’t get in.

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