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    Hamilton is out of cycling

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    tylerCycling has been sounding like baseball the last few years with all of the steroid talk. Friday we find out that American cyclist Tyler Hamilton announced his retirement after testing positive for the steroid DHEA. He said he knowingly ingested it in an over the counter herbal antidepressant. This was his second doping offense who tested positive for homologous blood transfusion in 2004 and served a two-year suspension, even as he disputed the test results. It was likely that he faced a eight year to life suspension for this second offense.

    Hamilton, said he decided to admit to the violation in order to deal with an ongoing battle with clinical depression that was first diagnosed in 2003. When he bought the supplement called Mitamins Advanced Formula for Depression, he was in a “desperate” state triggered when he went off his other medication cold turkey, he said.

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