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    The French can’t leave Armstrong alone

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    lance_armstrong_fallThe French must really hate Americans and Lance Armstrong because they will not leave him alone. This week the AFLD said it could punish the seven-time Tour de France star for not remaining in sight of a doctor conduction a test on his hair, urine, and blood on March 17. No banned substances were found or have been found in multiple test of Armstrong. On March 17 the French agency sent over a doctor to do a surprise test on Armstrong. He was not sure if this was a legitimate tester so while they were verify the test he went to take a shower, which he asked the tester for permission. The AFLD came back this week and said this was a violation.

    Good thing for Armstrong the head of the world cycling agrees that this is out of hand. Today they t said that the AFLD was unprofessional and “disturbing” behavior. Lance has been very vocal on his Twitter feed saying, “Was winning the Tour seven times that offensive??” and “Just took a shower. Got it down under 10 mins. Whew” taking shots at the French. As long as Armstrong competes in the Tour he will keep winning and this will drive the French crazy, so it will all be worth it. I hope this just makes him work hard to show them who’s boss.

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