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    While the action on the NBA hardcourt has been great during the 2008-9 NBA playoffs, some off-court actions are taking center stage these days.

    First – Mark Cuban – After the Denver Nuggets defeated the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday with a controversial no-foul-call finish, a fan reportedly called the Nuggets a bunch of “thugs”.  Mavericks owner Mark Cuban then looked at the mother (Lydia Moore) of Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin and told her “that includes your son.”  For an owner of a professional sports team to make a comment like this to a fan is a joke.  Cuban did later apologive to Martin’s mother in a post on his blog, but he did not attempt to apologize to her or to Martin during Monday night’s Mavs win over the Nuggets in Dallas.  In his “An Apology to Kenyon Martin’s Mom” post, Cuban did say that he should not have made those comments to Martin’s mother, but that the whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion.  Whatever…

    Second – Glen “Big Baby” Davis – After Davis hit the game-winning jumper in Sunday’s 95-94 Celtics win over the Magic, Davis started celebrating and didn’t see a 12-year old standing near his courtside seats right on the court.  As Davis ran towards the Celtics bench, he bumped the young fan in the back and as the boy took a half step back his hat fell off.  The Boy’s father – Ernest Provetti – wrote a letter to the NBA demanding an apology from Davis and the Celtics.  Provett stated that Davis had “no regard for fans’ personal safety”.  Davis had this to say about the incident:  “If I’ve hurt anybody or I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me because my intentions were just harmless.  Davis went on to say that if he knew that he had bumped the young man, he would have gone up to him and tried to apologize to him or make him feel better.  Guess what Mr. Provetti – when you sit in courtside seats, there is a good chance that a player could fall into your seats at some poitn during the game going after a loose ball or trying to make a play.  If you are worried that you or your son might get injured in those courtside seats – don’t sit there!  Plain and simple.

    Third – Carmelo Anthony – His girlfriend – La La Vazquez – was caight on video struggling with an arena security guard during Game 4 of the Mavericks-Nuggets series in Dallas.  It is believed that the altercation started when Vazquez started fighting with nearby rowdy Mavs fans.  Vazquez was escorted from her seat.  Check out the Vazquez video here and no word yet on whether or not she will be allowed to enter the arena if the Nuggets have to return for a Game 6 in Dallas.


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