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    ingrid vandebosch si 1

    Our latest installment of the SI Swimsuit model collection features Ingrid Vandebosch – wife of successful Nascar race care driver Jeff Gordon.  The 40-year old still has what it takes to compete with the younger, more athletic models these days.  Vandebosch began her modeling career back in 1996 in the Netherlands.  She has worked on modeling projects for Christian Dior and Amway and has graced the pages of the following fashion magazines – Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire and ELLE.  She also appeared in the “wives of star athletes” section of the 2008 SI Swimsuit issue, along with Carmella Garcia (wife of NFL Quarterback Jeff Garcia); Michelle Damon (wife of MLB center fielder Johny Damon).

    Vandebosch and Gordon have been married since November 2006 and it hasn’t hurt her one bit – Enjoy…

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