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    It’s Official – Shaquille O’Neal Traded to Cleveland Cavaliers

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    The Phoenix Suns have traded Shaquille O’Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ben Wallace (and his crazy expiring contract), Sasha Pavlovic and the Cavs 2nd round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft.  The Cavs will also send some cash to the Suns.

    After the Cavs – the Eastern Conference’s best team during the regular season – lost to the Orlando Magic in the 6th game of the Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs GM Danny Ferry felt changes needed to be made.  O’Neal – despite the wear and tear on his big body – should give the Cavs the front line presence needed to bring a stronger game to Dwight Howard and the Magic.

    Lebron James should be able to wash those tears away with the addition of Shaq to the Cavs rotation.  Shaq isn’t the player he once was, but he should be able to help the Cavs during the playoffs as long as he stays healthy.  Should a fun conference to watch in 2009-2010…

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