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    Lebron James is a Big Baby


    Never thought I would say this about Lebron James – Lebron James is a big baby for not shaking hands with the Orlando Magic players to congratulate them for their series win over the Cavs.

    He always seemed so jovial and happy-go-lucky and carefree, even in defeat.  He always seemed like he respected the game and the super star players who paved the way for another super star like him.  But his actions after the Cavs lost to the Magic in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Orlando on Saturday are unacceptable.  It reminds me of trying to rationalize with my 2 & a half year old daughter when she yells “No” and swipes her arm at me because she doesn’t want to do something.   It’s just not how you behave and and action like that should not be tolerated.

    James tried to make up for his actions by talking to the media on Sunday, but it only made things worse.  Just because you’re upset you lost the game doesn’t mean that you don’t shake the other team’s players hands in defeat or speak to the media afterwards.  It’s just not how you behave and his actions should not be tolerated.

    Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a great piece on the “Lebron Walkout” and wisely points out that the sad part is – no one is really going to call Lebron out on this.  Guess it just has to fall on the shoulders of us writers and bloggers to do the discipling for the NBA and its loyal fans.

    Lebron – you are a big baby…


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