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  • Jun

    Miss California USA Carrie Prejean Finally Relieved of Crown – It’s About Time


    The powers-that-be finally came to their senses as they removed the crown from Miss California USA – Carrie Prejean – for violating her contract with the Miss USA Pageant.  Ms. Prejean has not given the appropriate clearance for scheduling events and appearances on behalf of the pageant and has already missed several appearances along the way.  The Pageant – including Donald Trump who had previously defended Ms. Prejean – finally had enough.

    Miss Malibu Tami Farrell will assume her role.

    Now I know a lot of you gave me grief before, that the Miss USA contest doesn’t really count as a sport.  But I beg to differ – the contestants are in bikinis, they’re singing and dancing at times, and there is a ton of pressure in the heated competitions.  That’s good enough for me to call it a sport.  Plus, why would’nt we want to look at these great pics of Ms. Prejean.  Enjoy…




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