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    Stallworth Pleads Guilty – – What Is It with These NFL Players?

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    Donte Stallworth pleaded guilty to DUI Manslaughter this week and began serving a 30-day jail sentence. Stallworth killed pedestrian Mario Reyes while driving drunk in his 2005 Bentley in Florida back in March 2009.  Stallworth had been drinking at a swanky Miami Beach hotel bar and was legally intoxicated (.126 blood-alcohol level) at the time of the driving incident.  Stallworth had this to say about the tragedy:  “I accept full responsibility for this horrible tragedy.  I will bear this burden for the rest of my life.”  Stallworth’s attorney had this to say: ” He acted like a man.  He remained at the scene.  He cooperated fully.”

    Reyes had finished his shift at around 7:15am and was rushing to catch a bus home.  Reyes was not in a cross-walk when Stallworth hit Reyes.  Stallworth was driving approximately 50MPH in a 40MPH zone, he stopped immediately after the accident and told police that he had hit Reyes.  Prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Stallworth’s cooperation with police, his willingness to accept responsibility and his previous lack of criminal record all contributed to the plea agreement with the state (Stallworth faced 15 years in prison).  Stallworth must honor a lifetime ban on holding a driver’s license and he will serve 2 years house arrest after the 30-day jail sentence is served.  In addition to that, Stallworth will be on 8-years of probation.

    Stallworth should be able to resume his NFL career, although Commissioner Roger Goodell could take action against Stallworth under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

    What is it with these damn NFL players?  Professional athletes always seem to think that they are above the law.  Now I know that Stallworth really seems contrite in his actions after the fact, but the fact is – he killed a man for driving drunk.  Getting a 30-day jail sentence when he could have served 15 years seems pretty light to me.  His actions and willingness to accept responsibility must have played a role in the sentencing, but come on.  I guess we’re willing to led drunk drivers get away with anything as a 1st-time offender.  Let’s just hope Stallworth gets help and stays out of the driver’s seat as required by his sentencing.


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