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    Patrick Kane Arrested for Assault & Robbery of Cab Driver in Buffalo


    What a moron – Patrick Kane was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of assault and robbery over a dispute with a Buffalo cab driver.  All the facts have not been disclosed yet, but what it boils down to is this.  Kane is 20-years and was likely drunk after a night of drinking in Buffalo.  When the cab driver failed to give Kane and his cousin the appropriate change (albeit a mere 20 cents to an NHL hockey star who makes millions of dollars each season), a dispute arose.  Kane and his cousin allegedly hit the cab driver and took back the $15.00 that they had given him for the fare.  Can anyone say “idiot”?

    This is a man who should be giving the cab driver a $20 or a $50 and saying – keep the change.  Aside for the fact that Kane was likely drinking underage, his behavior with respect to the cab driver was unconscionable.  Now granted, the attorney for the cab driver has come out and said that the whole incident has been largely overblown, but how does it even get to this point.

    Sports athletes are just dumb sometimes.  Chalk this one up to another dumb athlete doing something stupid after a night of drinking.  Let’s hope Kane quickly owns up to his actions, apologizes to the cab driver and his family andapologizes to the NHL, the Blackhawks organization and the Blackhawks fans for acting like a complete and total moron…

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