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    Washington Nationals Sign Stephen Strasburg – But Is it Good for Baseball?

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    Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals New Deal 1

    The Washington Nationals signed #1 pick Stephen Strasburg to a $15.1 million 4-year deal that could save baseball in Washington, DC.  The deal includes a $7.5 million signing bonus and was consummated minutes before the MLB-imposed August 17th midnight deadline.  Things were looking ugly there for a minute, but the 2 sides had to agree to terms – it was in both of their interests.

    The Nationals are one of the worst teams in baseball.  The Nats had to do what it took to sign Strasburg, or they shouldn’t have even picked him in the draft.  By offering the largest contract to any player selected in the amateur draft, the Nats saved face without emptying the bank completely.

    As for Strasburg and his scumbag agent Scott Boras, they were either “forced” to take the Nats more-than-fair offer, or risk sitting out a year, going back to San Diego State to play another year at the collegiate level or playing for a team in the Independent League.  Given those options, one might as well take the $15.1 million.  It wasn’t like the Nats low-balled Strasburg and Boras – it was still the most lucrative contract ever offered to a 1st round pick.  Plus, there was always the risk of injury without a contract in place if he rejected the Nats offer.  And rejecting the offer could have sent a bad message to the rest of MLB that could have hindered his efforts to sign with a team in next year’s draft.

    All in all, it played out like most baseball experts predicted.  Jeff Passan wrote a solid Strasburg piece here, and although Strasburg likely won’t turn the Nats into a perennial winner when he takes the mound in 2010, it is a step in the right direction for the struggling Nats organization…

    Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals New Deal 2

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