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    Michael Jordan – Once a Cry Baby, Always a Cry Baby

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    I’ve never been a big Michael Jordan fan.  Spending time in the city of Chicago as a New York Knicks fan since 1994 always tainted me.  Watching Jordan and the Bulls beat my Knicks countless times during the 1990’s and enduring the Bulls denying Patrick Ewing and the Knicks from winning one NBA title was always so painful for  me.  I always felt alone in my criticisms of Jordan, especially here in Chicago.  In short – Jordan is a cry baby.  He always whined when he lost and he never fully appreciated the role his teammates played in bringing 6 championships to the city of Chicago, even going to extreme lengths to get into fights with teammates during practices.  Off the court, Jordan was even worse – Jordan was a blatant womanizer who ran up big gambling debts and thought he could play major league baseball because he was such a GREAT athlete. Hah!  As an NBA exec, it has gotten even worse for Jordan.  We’ve already seen the best of Jordan (back in the 1990’s) and anything he tries to accomplish now will pale in comparison.  While I probably do consider Jordan the “Greatest NBA Player of All-Time”, I truly hope he continues to fail in his future NBA endeavors.

    Now my real reason for the post on Jordan – I finally found a great article by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.  He sees Jordan through the same glasses that I do, and it makes me feel less alone in the world.  Thank you Adrian – you are my hero.  As Jordan put it over the weekend, “There will never be another Michael Jordan.”  And I say “Thank God to that.”  Cheers MJ…

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