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  • Sep

    nfc power surge brett favre jay cutler1

    Great article from ESPN’s John Clayton – the Professor.  This guy is great and the insight is interesting.  Not sure I’d go as far as he does, but it is fun to think about the NFC being a better conference than the AFC

    nfc power surge brett favre jay cutler2

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  • Aug

    Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings He is Back a

    Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings He is Back 1

    Well we all should have seen this coming – Brett Favre signed a 1-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings to be the team’s starting quarterback on Tuesday.  Favre had a brief press conference in the morning and was ready for practice this afternoon.  Was this orchestrated or what?  Maybe Favre needed a little more time to recover from off-season shoulder surgery?  Maybe the Vikings brass and head coach Brad Childress became really really desperate when they realized that they would have to rely on Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels to try to navigate the team through a long NFL season and a tumultuous playoff run?  Maybe they all realized that with Adrian Peterson, a speedster wide receiver in Bernrad Berrian and a tremendous defense, all the Vikings really needed was a smart veteran quarterback that could often will his previous teams to victories each and every week?  Whatever the case may be, the Vikings now become the clear favorite to win the NFC North division for the 2nd straight year, and possibly the clear favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

    The Vikings still need to play the games, and we still need to see if Favre will have his 2nd half like he did in 2008 for the Jets.  But by coming in right at the end of training camp, Favre won’t expend too much energy these last few weeks, and knows enough about things in the NFL to easily pick-up the Vikings offense during the next 4 weeks.  Look at NFC – things just go interesting…

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  • Jul

    brett favre new york jets green bay packers retired1

    The Brett Favre era is over – we think.  Favre called Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress today to let him know that he did not plan on playing football in 2009.  Favre had this to say about the decision:  “It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made… I didn’t feel like physically I could play at a level that was acceptable.  I would like to thank everyone, including the Packers, Jets and Vikings, but, most importantly, the fans.”

    It comes as a bit of a suprise, but I guess the off-season surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon in May took its toll on his body. Favre played 17 seasons for the Green Bay Packers, winning 1 Super Bowl title and 3 NFL Most Valuable Player awards.  Favre played 1 season for the New York Jets during the 2008-9 NFL schedule, but after a hot start, he could not lead the Jets to a much-expected playoff berth.  Following the season, Favre announced his decision to retire again, but had 2nd-thoughts (or 3rd thoughts if you count his back-and-forth actions in the off-season leading up to the 2008 NFL season) once it became clear that the Minnesota Vikings might be interested in his services.

    We’ll keep you posted if Favre changes his mind anytime soon.  And don’t be surprised if we hear Favre toss his name around next year if he fully recovers from surgery and stays in shape during the 2009-10 NFL schedule.  Stay tuned…until then, we’ll be seeing a much more “relaxed” Favre in the near future.

    brett favre new york jets green bay packers retired2

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  • Jul

    brett favre new york jets

    Brett Favre has informed the Minnesota Vikings that he will decide upon his 2009-2010 NFL future by July 20th – the date that the Vikings open training camp.  Favre underwent surgery to repair a tendon in the biceps of his right throwing arm in the off-season.  Before he signs a deal with the Vikings, he wants to be 100% sure that he can make it through the rigors of a long, demanding NFL season.  Favre had this to say about his progress: “There’s two weeks left and I’m doing everything that I can.  I was down here Sunday morning working out.  I’m trying to get everything to where I feel 100 percent when I go in.  I can’t go in any less.  When you’re 39 years old, it’s hard enough.  But it’s getting there… I felt like going to New York last year that I still had it.  I didn’t know that my arm was hurt at the time.  So that’s what I try to get across to people.  I had that fixed, the durgery to fix that, so I’m trying to make sure that if I go back that part is completely resolved.

    After leading the Jets to a strong start in 2008-9, the team faded down the stretch and fell out of playoff contention.  Favre ended the season with good stats – 65% completion rate; 3472 yards passing; 22 TD’s and 22 interceptions.  Favre played the previous 16 season with the Green Bay Packers before his controversial departure from the Packers organization during the 2008-9 off-season.  Favre won a Super Bowl with the Packers and holds many career NFL passing records.

    If Favre decides not to play for the Vikings in 2009-10, the Vikings will likely go with Tavaris Jackson at Quarterback for a 3rd straight year.

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