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    plaxico-burress2Plaxico Burress is trying very hard to not go to jail after shooting himself in the leg. His attorney has been working with the Manhattan DA for months now trying to get the charges against Burress resolved. The goal is to avoid a long drawn out trial so he could return for the 2009 season. Burress has a pre trial hearing set for Tuesday, but so far there is no plea deal set.

    Burress accidentally shot himself in a club back in Nov at a Manhattan night club. He was arraigned on Dec 1 on two counts of second degree criminal possession of a loaded weapon, both are felonies. Burress hired noted criminal attorney Benjamin Brafman. Its reported that the NY DA has been under a lot of pressure to prosecute Burress to the fullest extent of the law.

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  • Dec

    Burress out for season

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    Plaxico going to jail after he shot himself. Nice job genius

    Plaxico going to jail after he shot himself. Nice job genius

    The Giants placed Plaxico Burress on the reserve/non-football injury list ending his season for 2008. The Giants are trying to move on an focus on the last four games they have left. Giants coach Coughlin only briefly addressed the topic on Wednesday.  “I addressed the team Saturday and again this morning,” Coughlin said. “There were two words I used. One was disappointment. Two was sadness. I think that sums it all up.” If or when the team makes it to the playoffs Burress will not be on the active list. Burress has been charged with tow Class C felonies each could carry a 3 1/2 years in jail if convicted.  Burress, who signed a five-year, $35 million contract extension prior to this season has already missed one game this year after being suspended for missing a team meeting. Players conduct on and off the field looks to be a topic the NFL needs to address and fix right away. The last few years players have been out of control.

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  • Nov

    New York Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress has told team officials that he accidentally shot himself in the leg in a Midtown Manhattan Night Club on Friday night. Does this really sound believable?

    Burress did not suffer any serious life-threatening injuries, but did require an extended stay at a New York City hospital. All the details have not yet come to light just yet, so we will be sure to follow this story over the next few days. Here is the latest Plexico Update from

    Burress was already ruled out for the Giants game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Maryland and Burress may be subject to further disciplinary action from the Giants organization and/or the NFL.

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