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  • Mar

    The US lost to Venezuela 10-6 on Wednesday, but does any US baseball fans care? I know that I have yet to watch a game this year and with the NCAA tournament starting today will anyone else? What is the MLB thinking keeping these games going, teams are not going to risk their players getting hurt before the season starts. Today we hear the Kevin Youkilis is out and will not return due to a hurt ankle. It seems like each year more and more pro players are finding a way to get out of these games and because of this less people in the states care about this Classic. It took the NFL a long time to look at the pro bowl and realize that something needs to be done, I hope this doesn’t turn into the pro bowl of baseball. For anyone that cares I put a link to scores below.

    Wednesday scores

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  • Feb

    johann santana mets.jpg

    The New York Mets just got some great news going into Spring Training – Johann Santana will not pitch for the Venezuelan baseball team in the 2009 World Baseball Classic in March. Santana underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee at the beginning of October to repair some torn cartilage. He just recently started throwing and appears to be on track for the 2009 MLB season. The Mets had expressed concern about Santana not getting enough prep work in before Venezuela’s first game against Italy on March 7th in Toronto. But the club also stated that if he was physically able to pitch, they were not going to prohibit him from playing.

    The World Baseball Classic did not want to insure Santana to play in the WBC because of the high cost involved. Because of the surgery, Santana fell within a “high risk” category, and neither the WBC nor the Venezuelan Federation wanted to risk any sort of injury to Santana.

    Good news all around for Mets fans. As the staff’s ace, the last thing the Mets needed was for Santana to get injured during the WBC. He has already started participating in drills and has yet to experience any difficulties or discomfort with the knee.

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